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Artist: Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga
Title: Nature Boy


Nature Boy - Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga

September 17th 2014 1 note
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Artist: Stan Forebee
Title: Sentimental Mood



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Artist: uhlife
Title: òṣùpá (eclipse)

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Artist: Bubba Sparxxx
Title: Ms. New Booty


bubba sparxxx | ms. new booty

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Artist: Bobby Caldwell
Title: What You Won't Do For Love


Bobby Caldwell - What You Won’t Do For Love

September 13th 2014 657 notes
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Artist: Stereolab
Title: Ping Pong


Stereolab // Ping Pong // The Live Project

I can’t recommend The Live Project enough. It’s a three volume bootleg of Stereolab live between 1991-2002. All of it’s amazing. 


September 13th 2014 11 notes
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this mix is so funn~~~★

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Artist: Beyoncé
Title: Kitty Kat

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Artist: おおのゆりこ
Title: 君は、誰?


The freshman sunny sided twee pop artist Oono Yoriko has a new EP featured on the indie label, Ano(t)raks! With 6 blissfully easygoing tracks you’ll enjoy the sense of tranquility she brings with every drawn out note. I haven’t listened to an artist with such a warm radiance since Ichiko Aoba, but where Ichiko has calming qualities like that of which a thunderstorm would bring; ms. Yoriko is like a warm lazy afternoon. Lie down, close your eyes,and enjoy the title track from “Kimi Wa, Dare?”.

Listen to the EP on Ano(t)raks bandcamp HERE

Download it free HERE

September 12th 2014 40 notes
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Artist: Pizzicato Five
Title: Shock Treatment


Pizzicato Five - Shock Treatment

September 11th 2014 6 notes
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Artist: Michael Wycoff
Title: Looking Up To You


Was listening to this on my way to work this morning….The switch up of the melody and production between the Verses and Chorus is just BEAUTIFUL

Michael Wycoff - Looking Up To You

September 11th 2014 1 note
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Miharu Koshi - “Parallelisme”

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