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Artist: Michael Wycoff
Title: Looking Up To You


Was listening to this on my way to work this morning….The switch up of the melody and production between the Verses and Chorus is just BEAUTIFUL

Michael Wycoff - Looking Up To You

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Miharu Koshi - “Parallelisme”

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Artist: パスピエ
Title: ワールドエンド


パスピエ - ワールドエンド

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Artist: la la larks
Title: ego-izm


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Artist: School Food Punishment
Title: How to go


School Food Punishment - How to go

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Title: Title Theme / Saria's Song / Song Of Storms


BADBADNOTGOOD - Title Theme / Saria’s Song / Song of Storms

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Artist: Pia Fraus
Title: Moon Like A Pearl

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Artist: Moscow Olympics
Title: Still

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Artist: APOGEE
Title: Twilight Arrow


Apogee are a New wave rewrite band that focuses on overwhelming synthpop melodies and indie pop instrumentals to create a “new mixture” of genres. They debuted their first single “Yakan Hikou” in 2006 and within the span of two years they released two full length albums, “Fantastic” and “Touch in Light”. Having been known for their highly animated MVs and success with their first performance at SUMMER SONIC ‘07 they garnered a lot of attention.

"OUT OF BLUE", their newest full length album was just released last month. Here is the standout track "Twilight Arrow" featured on DT3 courtesy of rollinstonin

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Artist: 岩崎琢
Title: M07

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Artist: 勝手にしやがれ
Title: ステンドグラスのキリスト

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Artist: Deerhunter
Title: Helicopter


Deerhunter - Helicopter

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