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Artist: fishing with john
Title: 落下する6月

fishing with john - [残響ピクニック #03] 落下する6月

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Artist: 森の子リスのミーコの大冒険
Title: ぼくらの16bit戦争


Bokura no 16bit Sensou (chiptune arrange) - Mori no Ko Risu no Miko no Dai Bouken

Original - sasakure.UK

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Artist: 스텔라 (STELLAR)
Title: 마스크


마스크 (MASK) - 스텔라 (STELLAR)

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Artist: Zia Quizon
Title: Ako Na Lang


Zia Quizon - Ako Na Lang
: acoustic pop, opm / language: tagalog / download: here

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Title: Grape Fuzzy Sky


Awesome band, but unfortunately unknown. :/

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Artist: Cre•scen•do
Title: Humble Attraction


Cre•scen•do // Humble Attraction

what an amazing rhythm

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Artist: 梅林太郎&ハヤシベトモノリ
Title: ダンディに口づけ

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Artist: Vera Lynn
Title: Auf Wiedersehn, Sweetheart


Season 4, Episode 1

Final scene

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Artist: Tinashe
Title: Cold Sweat

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Artist: Childish Gambino
Title: I Be On That


Bring your girl around and let me show her how her body work.

She like me cause my wallet fat, it should wear a Hawaiian shirt.

Comin’ for your spot, like I do when I’m inside of her. 

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Artist: Sleepy Brown
Title: Magarita


This song was my jam back in the day. Three musical geniuses getting together to create a feel good R&B/Rap song equals a masterpiece if you ask me.

Sleepy Brown ft. Pharrell & Big Boi - Magarita (Mr. Brown)

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Artist: Thomas Dutronc
Title: Nasdaq


Nasdaq– Thomas Dutronc, Comme un manouche sans guitare

A little bit of French music never hurt anyone. I love this song.

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